About Us

Our mission is simple, help the world to hear. The ability to hear defines who we are and how we communicate. The sense of hearing gives the power to inform, entertain and connect with friends, family and the world around us.
We are passionate about helping people reconnect to the world through sound. As trained Professional Hearing Instrument Specialist, we gather information from each individual patient that includes lifestyle, concerns, expectations, listening environments, audiogram results and budget to provide accurate answers and solutions to your hearing needs.
So let us enable you to hear the very best you can today. Don't miss another sound!

Lori McDonald, AAS, HIS

Owner/Hearing Instrument Dispenser. Licensed in Washington,  Idaho & Oregon

Dave Halonen, AAS, HIS
Hearing Instrument Dispenser. Licensed in Washington & Idaho. Former Commissioned Officer of the US Marines

Dawn Zeik, PCC
Patient Care Coordinator

Tina Stanchfield, PCC
Patient Care Coordinator

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